The Taboo of Period Sex

Things I wish Sex Ed taught me.

Photo by Ava Sol on Unsplash

Period sex is one of those things that isn’t talked about enough, but has loads of awesome benefits!

For some people, being on their period increases sensation in their vagina, making sex more enjoyable.

Having period sex can also elevate menstrual cramps, reduce period headaches, and alleviate migraine pain that some people experience.

Period blood, as weird as this sounds, makes for great lubrication if you’re out of lube! Some people also claim, having regular sex on their periods actually shortens their period cycles, and some say it increases the intimacy between them and their partner.

Since periods can be a bit “messy”, if period sex is something you’re down to do, just be aware that having a towel handy and a back-up pair of underwear is always a good idea!

If period blood happens to get onto something you don’t want it on, don’t panic! Baking soda and a cold water cycle on the washing machine should do the trick.

However, there are a few things you should be aware of if your’re going to have sex on your period: Since everything is a bit more sensitive, it might be a good idea to be a bit more gentle with your partner.

There’s also a heightened risk of contracting and spreading STI’s, so it’s important to use protection and barrier methods during sex to lessen your risk of infection.

It’s also important to know that, if you’re not going to use any barrier methods, there’s still a possibility of getting pregnant from period sex. It might seem unlikely or even impossible, but since sperm can live inside of someone for up to 7 days, it’s still possible to get pregnant from period sex depending on how far into their period cycle someone is.

Overall though, as long as you're safe and there’s consent, period sex can be a great experience for both.

Be safe, be happy.

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